Xavier Perrissoud - IT Services

Installation and maintenance of equipment, systems and applications
Internet and applicative software development
Recommendations - Customized training


Hello and welcome.

You are on the website of self employed person providing services in the IT field.

Who is concerned ?

Everyone: individuals, companies, associations, ...

If you encounter a problem with your equipment or with a specific software, or if you need advice or custom course you can use my services.

For which services?

My experience in IT allows me to offer you a wide range of services.

Here is a list of my skills:

  • Remediation of computers with operating problems
  • Installation or replacement of hardware, software, or eventually of operating system
  • Assistance in setting up or full management of your website
  • Creation of specific software for your business or just for your needs
  • Various tips and eventually customized courses if I have enough knowledge in the concerned field

If your problem or need is not listed above, do not hesitate to contact me to tell me about it, and we'll see together if I can treat it or not.

Intervention area

I am residing near Rumilly (in Sales). So I can move within a 20 kilometers radius around, which will give a distance of about 30 kilometers by road (possibly more depending on the services to be provided).

You will find, on the Action scope page, an interactive map showing this radius of 20 km
Nevertheless, if you stand outside this area, please feel free to contact me whether I can make the trip or not.


The differents services that I can provide are so varied that it is difficult to define a global pricing.

Nevertheless, you will find on the Pricing page, some data allowing you to have a fairly accurate estimate of the cost of the main ones.